I feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, I'm under pressure 'cause I can't have you the way that I want; let's just go back to the way it was...

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2 de julio de 2013

W I N G S ♪

My feet, feet can't touch the ground and I can't hear a sound but you just keep on running up your mouth.
Yeah walk, walk on over there 'cause I'm too fly to care, oh yeah
Your words don't mean a thingI'm not listeningKeep talking all I know is Mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread your wings, my little butterflyDon't let what they say keep you up at night and they can't detain you 'cause wings are made to fly
And we don't let nobody bring us down, no matter what you say it won’t hurt medon't matter if I fall from the sky… THESE WINGS ARE MADE TO FLY