I feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, I'm under pressure 'cause I can't have you the way that I want; let's just go back to the way it was...

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5 de julio de 2013

I was lost, now I'm free ‘cause I believe in you and me ♥

I believe in you and me, I believe that we will be in love eternally, well as far as I can see you will always be the one for me, Oh yes, you will.
And I believe in dreams again, I believe that love will never end and like the river finds the sea
I will never leave your side, I will never hurt your pride, when all the chips are down see I will always be around, just to be right where you are, my love you know I love you.
I will never leave you out, I will always let you in to places no one's ever been.
Deep inside can't you see that I believe in you and me.
Maybe I'm a fool to feel the way I do but I will play the fool forever just to be with you forever.
I believe in miracles and love's a miracle.
Baby you're my dream come true